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AIS is a leading cloud solutions provider to Federal and commercial customers.  The Company is a trusted Microsoft partner, providing its clients with transformative and innovative capabilities in Azure, as well as solutions in modernization, DevSecOps, and data intelligence.

In Q3 2020, Blue Delta invested equity to provide partial co-founder liquidity, as well as to fund both organic growth initiatives and future M&A activity.

Gunnison Consulting

Gunnison is a trusted partner to U.S. Federal Government customers delivering cutting-edge solutions in software development, data analytics, enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) and cybersecurity solutions.

In Q2 2019, Blue Delta invested equity to support the management team in a recapitalization of the Company, as well as to fund organic growth initiatives and future tuck-in acquisitions (such as G2SF in Q4 2020).


Amida is an open source software and IT services company focused on solving the hardest problems in data – access, interoperability, management, reconciliation and security. The Amida team is made up of data scientists, high-end software engineers. and a deeply experienced leadership team. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies, some of the country’s largest Government agencies, and internationally recognized NGOs.

Blue Delta invested equity in Q4 2016, leading an investment round that also included a large publicly traded software company and a classified strategic investor. The investment is accelerating organic growth through key hires, increased bid and proposal resources, and a robust technology development roadmap.

Shared Spectrum

Shared Spectrum is a pioneering provider of innovative cognitive wireless spectrum radio technologies that eliminate artificial barriers and support more efficient use of spectrum. Core among these technologies is SSC’s Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) solution. SSC has developed a number of patented technologies that allow for increased anti-jamming capabilities, propagation analysis, man-made noise measurements, and advanced communication system architectures.

Blue Delta made an equity investment which was used for key hires, expansion and enhancement of the Company’s patent portfolio, as well as bid and proposal investments to win several large prime contracts.


Spun out of the NSA, Virtru is a cutting-edge provider of end-to-end data encryption used by corporations, government agencies, and small-to-medium business across the globe. By utilizing best-of-breed user interface and infrastructure approaches from Silicon Valley, combined with military-grade encryption, Virtru delivers incredible ease of use for both government and commercial customers.


Aqua is a fast growing, leading provider of digital transformation capabilities to citizen-engaged government agencies, particularly those focused on healthcare.  The Company has a unique and highly regarded set of skills around human-centered design and delivery of citizen focused services.

In Q2 2021, Blue Delta made an investment in Aqua to provide investment for continued organic growth initiatives and future M&A activity. Blue Delta owns approximately 20% of the company and holds 1 of 5 board seats.


Arctic is an elite provider of mission critical services to the most demanding customers in the U.S. Intelligence Community and is led by a seasoned management team.

In Q1-2020, Blue Delta invested equity to further accelerate the Company’s organic growth and to allow the Company to pursue tuck-in acquisitions, in return for an ownership stake of just over 20%. We hold 1 of 5 board seats.


Elite cybersecurity consulting firm providing detailed threat assessments, security orchestration and threat intelligence services, as well as developing next generation capabilities for Federal and commercial customers’ security operations.

We invested equity for an ownership stake of just under 30% in Q2 2017. Blue Delta holds 1 of the 5 Board seats, alongside the CEO/founder and other cybersecurity thought leaders and accomplished executives. Our investment is accelerating organic growth through key hires, solution development and scale, increased bid and proposal efforts, as well as additional marketing and partnership resources.


SoftwareDevFINALPreeminent provider of Intelligence Community solutions, combining innovative technologies and agile methodologies rooted in structured engineering practices to solve complex problems.

We made an equity investment for an ownership stake of approximately 25% in Q4 2014 and we hold 1 of the 5 Board seats. The investment has been used for tuck-in acquisitions, key hires, and additional resources to pursue and win large prime contracts.